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Jokum 2012
Victory Heights Block Party 2004
Jim Dejoie & Billy Spaulding 2004
Jokum 2005
Steve Branca, Jack Cook & Dave Prez 2005
Jokum 2007
Reggie Miles 2007
Jokum 2008
Hugh Sutton & Al Farlow 2008
Jokum 2010
Gary Schudie & Shawn Stecker 2010
Jokum 2011
Paul Knight 2011
Jokum 2012
Billy Reed & Don Forsyth 2012
Jokum 2012
Steve Branca & John Marshall 2012
Jokum 2013
GW Levell and Bert DeCoy 2013
Jokum 2014
Jenea Starikov 2014
Bobo 2010-14
Mr. Bobo 2010-2014
One Mean Cheese 2015
Donnie Teesdale & Bill Fraser
"One Mean Cheese" 2015
Tom Berghan 2015
Tom Berghan 2015
Miss Rose and Carey Rayburn 2016
Mss Rose and Carey Rayburn
Jokum 2016
Mahiko Fujita 2016

Jokumfest 2016 Sampler
(One Mean Cheese, Tom Berghan, Shawn Stecker,
Miss Rose and & her Rhythm Percolators, Brian Lee & the Orbiters,
the Papa Bear Band & the Gone Johnson Revue plus emcee Stan Wells)

The Heroes of Jokum Fest - 2003-2016

(80 Stage Performers: in the order of their first appearance)

Victory Heights Block Party 2003 (7)

1.Jack Cook - guitars, vocals & jazzhorn
2.Hugh Sutton - piano, accordion & vocals
3.John Marshall - harmonica & vocals
4.Jim Dejoie - baritone saxophone
5.Steve Branca - acoustic bass
6.Billy Spaulding - drums
7.Micro Shaughnessy - washboard

2004 (5)

8.Daddy Treetops - guitars & vocals
9.Greg Roberts - guitar, mandolin & vocals
10.Guy Quintino - acoustic bass
11.Dave Prez - harmonica
12.Bob West - narrations

Victory Heights Jokum Festival 2005 (7)

13.Diane Forsyth - electric bass & vocals
14.Don Forsyth - electric guitar
15.Reggie Miles - guitars, musical saw & vocals
16.Johny Broomdust - acoustic bass & vocals
17.Brian Butler - electric guitar & vocals
18.Charlene Grant - electric bass & vocals
19.Bubba McCoy - harmonica & vocals

2006 (7)

20.David Berghan - piano & vocals
21.Heather Banker - acoustic guitar & vocals
22.Al Farlow - clarinet & saxophones
23.Billy Reed - piano & vocals
24.Dave Hudson - drums
25.Erica Berghan - vocals
26.Garrett Smith - electric guitar

2007 (8)

27.Kathy Rice - piano
28.Rich Steveson - electric bass
29.Cort Armstrong - resonator guitar & vocals
30.Sean Divine - harmonica & vocals
31.Ethan Lawton - mandolin
32.Morgan Patrick Thompson - acoustic bass
33.Kevin Cook - drums
34.Tracy Hudson - electric bass

Jokum Fest 2008 (7)

35.Marlee Walker - emcee
36.Cory McDaniel - acoustic guitar & vocals
37.Eric Madis - electric guitar & vocals
38.Steve Bailey - harmonica & vocals
39.G W Levell - harmonica & vocals
40.Mark Sweet - electric guitar
41.Dana Lupinacci - vocal

2009 (9)

42.Mick Knight - acoustic guitar & vocals
43.Nick Morrison - drums & emcee
44.Shawn Stecker - electric guitar & vocals
45.Gary Schudie "The Polish Canary" - vocals
46.Andrew Larsen - piano & vocals
47.Chris Stevens - electric guitar & vocals
48.Mike Lynch "The Harmonica Playboy" - harmonica & vocals
49.Mark Dalton - electric bass
50.Russ Kammerer - drums

2010 (5)
51.Don Buss "Papa Bear" - electric bass
52.Matt Fogdall - drums
53.Jeff Herzog - harmonica & vocals
54.Bill Lovey - electric guitar & vocals
55.Patty May - electric bass

2011 (3)
56.Paul Knight (in the Grotto) - banjo & vocals
57.Ron Shea - electric guitar & vocals
58.Eric Nelson - vocal

2012 (5)
59.Connie Bigelow - vocals, guitar
60.Allison Bigelow - vocals, guitar
61.Walter White - bass, baritone guitar & vocals
62.Shankar - drums
63.Marty Vadalabene - drums

Jokumfest 2013 (2)
64.Bert DeCoy - drums
65.Brandon Beligni - vocals, guitar

Jokumfest 2014 (5)
66.Stan Wells - emcee
67.Jenae Starikov - violin
68.John Deely - harmonica & vocals
69.Jim "Mr. Bobo" Buss - performance art (2010-2015)
70.Marty Lockwood - drums & vocals

Jokumfest 2015 (4)
71.Donnie Teesdale - mandolin & vocals, drums
72.Bill Fraser - guitar & vocals
73.Tom Berghan - banjo & vocals
74.Amy Geiske - bass & vocals

Jokumfest 2016 (6)
75.Steve Stecker - guitar
76.Miss Rose - vocals, ukulele
77.Carey Rayburn - trumpet, drum
78.Brian Lee - vocals, guitar, harmonica
79.Mahiko Fujita - guitar
80.Chris Wehba - electric bass

Photos by Raymond Barrow, Peggy Kelley & Johnnie Shay

Heroes of Jokum Fest slide show

Heroes of Jokum Fest Card Corner trivia

(who has and who doesn't)

# 51 (over 35 copies - not that scarce) "The first Papa Bear card that I found was at a yard sale in Wallingford. It was kind of hidden amongst some old Aqua Follies programs. I really thought I had something. Then I kept running into 'em. By about the third or fourth copy I realized it wasn't so rare. Papa Bear is still my favorite card. I'd put a beat #51 up against a mint #5 any day of the week. Of course, that's just me" Jim "Bobo" Buss

The coveted #57 Ron Shea card (only known copy in Papa Bear collection in good condition but with bent corners and large diagonal tear across card, taped unprofessionally, most likely by a family member)

A near mint copy of Heroes of Jokum #57 is reported to have appeared on eBay in 2015 at a starting bid of $13,000. The ad was mysteriously pulled off eBay on its second day of listing with no bids

There are at least two known Heroes of Jokum Cards with no numbers that were originally issued, the common Bobo card and the much scarcer Rhea Rolfe card. Near mint copies of both cards are in the Papa Bear Collection. Occasionally other no number Heroes of Jokum cards turn up but these are generally considered bootlegs

#45 (over 35 copies - not that scarce) "The first Polish Canary card that I found was at an estate sale in Lake City. It was kind of hidden amongst some Sheriff Tex memorabilia. I really thought I had something. Then I kept running into 'em. By about the third or fourth copy I realized it wasn't so rare. Polish Canary is still my favorite card. I'd put a beat #45 up against a mint #26 any day of the week. Of course, that's just me" Johnny Chase aka Pinehurst Slim

#13 Bob "Kid" West (less than 5 copies) It has been rumored that a box of #13 HJ cards was accidently tossed into the ship canal after a "Blues From the Past" all-nighter in Ballard

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